‘I resist any storm’

In 2006 (formal) Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, visited Curaçao. A visit to Navy Base Suffisant was part of the program. The Navy Base had asked 7 artists to make an artistic impression of their logo ‘I resist any storm’, as a gift to the Queen. My design won, and I had the honor of presenting it to Queen Beatrix.

The art work was executed in polymethyl methacrylate (Perspex), red copper and messing.

The red copper (vertical) bars represent the divi-divi tree and also refer to the Northeast trade wind. Braided through it are (horizontal) turquoise patinated brass waves that represent the water. The wickerwork symbolizes cooperation. The whole is anchored in a transparent perpex base in which the motto is engraved.

It symbolizes, when working together on a basis of transparency, you can resist any storm.